Ties 13th September 2014

My eldest son, born in a kingdom, grew up in a Republic
my second, in a state of separation,
my youngest son grew up online,
wearing a headset, when I interrupt

his world with human voice
he growls in feral gnarl…..
but yesterday, the day of the demise
of Ian Paisley Snr., his seventeenth

birthday, he requested a ‘train cake;’
chocolate carefully constructed
in the shape of a locomotive,
complete with Basset-man engineer

and yellow eyes, which I reassembled
annually for seventeen years
but which he never actually sought
and he added ‘ it’s a great day to celebrate

..the day Ian Paisley died…..’
more words than he spoke all week
which set me to think…..
my eldest grew up in a republic….

Colette Nic Aodha

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